A downloadable game for Windows

An ongoing attempt to steal art assets from Undertale and rebuild the engine from the ground up for funsies. Decided to go with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for source material because I like JJBA, and I figure if I ain't allowed to monetize it no matter what, I may as well do something fun, you know?


A small overworld room has been built, it's not as decorated as I'd like it, but that should come SOONISH. I want this to feel like it was actually taken from a full game, even though it isn't. For now it's just an empty room where you as Jonathan can talk to (and then fight) Dio. Give it a shot!

Next update: Probably a pause menu.


Added ACT and MERCY menu functionality, the bad news is I couldn't think of a way to defeat Dio in a pacifist run, so MERCY is pretty much just for fun, there is SOMETHING to do in the ACT menu though…


Dio can now die.


Game is playable, you can die, Dio cannot. ACT, ITEM, and MERCY menus do not work yet.

Install instructions

Just download the thing, double click it, and play. Controls are the same as Undertale.


Jojotale-Default-[NEWEST BUILD!] 5 MB
Jojotale-Default-[OLD] 4 MB
Jojotale-Default-[OLD] 4 MB
Jojotale-Default- [OLD] 4 MB
JJT.zip 14 MB


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Nice game! I'm looking forward to it being a full game.

Sorry chief, it's as done as it's gonna be.


What a beautiful Duwang


I'm playing this, it's good, it needs sound effects for the fight and stuff, but you probably already know that... it's pretty epic.

Still didn't beat Dio.


stupid exe hacking

Exe hackin' my ass, I made this in Game Maker by hand, that's why tons of shit doesn't work right.