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A sidescrolling beat em up in a wasteland of bandits and maniacs. Venture through the Breakzone, a deadly factory overrun by mutants home to the one thing Czar Jarkun wants and will pay a heavy bounty for. Dodge their attacks to fill up your counter meter in order to finish them in a single blow! #dreamhackjam

It was the end of the world. You found a home with a colony, a comfortable life as long as you lived by the Czar's rules. He was fond of you, too fond. He liked your style, so impetuous, so he trusted you, and forced a task upon you: go into the Breakzone, fight off the mutants that made it their home, and take their treasure for him. As payment, he will allow you to continue to live within his colony. Lucky you.

Z = Punch
Up = Dodge high
Down = Dodge low
Right = Go right
Left = Go left

Made in 2 days (more like 6 hours) for the Dreamhack Gamejam - Apocalypse by Brandon Waldmann
Uses the font Unscreen MK by Manfred Klein
Uses the song Can't Stop Now by ZombieZappa
Uses the songs Speed Kills and Whistle Blower by Partners in Rhyme


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